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Owner's Manual

We are a fiduciary of your capital. Your understanding of what we do and how we will approach it is a critical element in enabling us to attain our goal. The Owners Manual helps achieve this....

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Why are we called Itus Capital?

Within the context of Greek mythology, we see Itus as a mortal who has immense admiration for Apollo (son of the King of the Gods, Zeus). Itus was believed to be the most humble mortal alive. Known to be a great musician, a man who never lied, who had a great passion for archery and was unmatched with his two swords.

Observing Itus’ reverence for Apollo, jealously among the Gods grew. Causing Apollo to fear for his life, to protect himself he sought out Itus. Sworn to protect Apollo’s life, he left the Gods in awe when he defeated Ares in a sword fight. As Itus grew older and wiser, Apollo decided to make Itus a God, for which Zeus willingly agreed. Till date Itus is known to be the God of Protection.

At our firm, we believe that this fiduciary responsibility of protection is a symbol of our journey towards shareholders and investors wealth.

The Fund Manager

Naveen Chandramohan
Founder and Fund Manager

Naveen Chandramohan, the Founder and Fund Manager of ITUS Capital, believes in having a shared commitment to growth, an ideology that sets him and ITUS apart from other players in the industry. As one of the finest portfolio managers in India, he believes that asset management firms should take a fiduciary responsibility in working for investors and aligning the fee structure for the clients. Itus is owned by the employees of the firm, with an ownership mindset of building the business.

Naveen began his career with Lehman Brothers in Tokyo, in the equity and warrant markets as a senior analyst and was one of the fastest graduates to be promoted to a Vice president of Lehman when he moved to Hongkong in 2008. Post going through the bankruptcy with Lehman, Naveen got the opportunity to set up the Asia ex-japan business for Nomura. Naveen grew the business to a USD 2bn book with a PL of USD 120 mm in 2 years.

In 2010, Naveen moved out of Nomura to join Oracle Capital, an Asia focussed fund as a fund manager, managing a USD 200mm India focussed fund for them. Naveen managed money for 5.5 years at Oracle and was awarded the best fund manager for 3 years in a row ( 2012-14). He then joined Hutchin Hill as a fund manager and Responsible Officer to set up their HongKong office where he ran a USD 300mm India focussed fund. Naveen returned to India in 2017 to set up Itus Capital.

Itus Capital was set up as a vehicle to manage the partners net worth first with a vision of complete skin in the game. Itus has scaled into one of the best multi-cap funds in the country with a track record of close to 6 years since inception. At Itus, Naveen runs a growth-oriented fund with a focus on investing in businesses across sectors but with an emphasis on cash flows.

He did his engineering from BITS Pilani in Electrical engineering and his MBA from IIM Bangalore. He graduated from BITS Pilani as a gold medalist and from IIM Bangalore in the Deans Merit List (Top 10 in the batch).

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