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In business, nothing matters more than delighting clients. That’s because our clients are the sources of all business sustainability and success. At Itus, we aim to create better experiences for our clients.  Our focus at Itus continues to be on delighting, winning, and retaining clients with an effective client onboarding journey.

Most businesses fail when trying to delight their clients in client onboarding. This step is basically the process of orienting our clients to our fund, processes, services, or communications. One would think that this would be a priority for any company, but 90% of clients think that companies can do a better job at onboarding clients (based on our initial survey of clients).

Client onboarding has a significant impact on whether a client keeps staying with Itus long-term or churns after just a few months. Done well, it sets our clients up for success and clearly demonstrates the value of our fund. Done poorly, it leaves clients questioning why they signed up with us in the first place.

Client onboarding is the process that new users go through to get set up and start using our portal and learn more about the Itus process of investing. It covers the whole journey: from initial sign-up to funding, accounting and login to our online portal. Client onboarding aims to deliver value to our clients as early as possible — in their first interaction, for learning more about their profile or documents/signature verification, if possible.

Crucially, onboarding isn’t just about teaching new users how we invest in our product. The best client onboarding strategy introduces our firm’s vision, culture, process and sets the expectations of the client for transparency and accessibility. What do we strive to achieve? What does success look like to our clients?

Client onboarding is so important because it sets the tone for the ongoing relationship our clients have with our fund. The onboarding process is basically the beginning of the establishment of a relationship with the client. For that reason, it’s extremely important that we tailor our onboarding process in a way that it establishes an emotional connection.

We’re diving into crucial steps of our client onboarding process.

There is a correlation between emotional bonding and client retention. In other words, creating emotional connections with our new clients will help us decrease our client churn rate and give us more chances of keeping them satisfied for a long time.

To add a human touch with a welcome email, short video snippet about our fund philosophy and the welcome letter is a fantastic way to start building on our client relationship by appreciating their trust in Itus. It’s also a way to make it clear to our clients and partners that we are together in this journey and committed to not only providing returns but also managing their money and trust throughout the process of investing together.

The onboarding process can establish a genuine relationship with our clients by setting the right expectations and presenting a trustworthy impression of our culture. It offers a way for clients to keep track of their investments and show our clients the unique features we have to offer. In subsequent portions of our blog, we will cover details of the 3 parts of our onboarding process at Itus.



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