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Investing in a PMS is a conscious choice to allow the invested capital to grow over a time horizon, typically over 3 years. At Itus, we look at building long-term relationships with our clients and partners and our processes have been built keeping this at the very core. We follow a structured, transparent fund reporting process to keep the client well-informed on the status of the account funded. We work with two of the largest custodians in the country – Kotak Bank and HDFC Bank and our reporting is customized to ensure that our clients and partners have daily access to their transactions, holdings and portfolio value.

While clients typically have started their relationship with us through initial funding of the account, we have had 20% of our clients transfer their stock holdings to us, to get their portfolio professionally managed. This ensures that they have greater visibility and better risk systems in place on a legacy portfolio of theirs, which historically was passive in nature without any risk checks in place. At Itus we invest into cash flow growth stocks where the businesses are either market leaders with pricing power or monopoly in their industry, and this has continued to generate consistent returns for the client over long periods of time.

All of this access is provided through the technology stack built at Itus which seamlessly integrates with our custodian and fund accountant reports to ensure real time accuracy for our partners and clients.

Clients typically tend to add funds into their portfolio either through a combination of a Systematic Investment Plan or adhoc lump sum transfers via net banking. Interestingly, 80% of the clients at Itus have topped up funds with us within the first 14 months of their relationship with us.

All of these processes have been built digitally to ensure that the friction for transaction with the client is minimized. Today, we work with clients across 22 countries and clients find it convenient to start investing seamlessly and effortlessly as soon as the account is open.

At Itus, we like to constantly engage with our clients and dedicate a lot of time and expertise to get their feedback/ suggestions on how we can provide better service and exceed our customer expectations – be it in the form of a welcome letter or email sent to the client, each step of the process has been crafted keeping the client at the centre.

The client is also provided with a demo on the features available to view the portfolio performance online and a sector, stock-wise analysis of their investments. This gives the client an overview on how to navigate through the dashboard options and reports available at any given point of time.

Each client is taken through an on-boarding call to inform the communication methodology and style at Itus. The client is informed on the stock commentary, portfolio factsheet, market updates and monthly newsletters that they can expect to receive from the Itus Information desk as part of their monthly communications. We assign a designated point of contact and share the contact information for the clients to reach out to Itus, in case of any assistance required.

The client induction process is the first step in the ongoing journey of a client’s relationship with Itus and the team at Itus are committed to making this a delightful and memorable experience for the client.

We value your suggestions and would love to hear from you. Please share your feedback to [email protected]



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