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The past week was filled with excitement as we engaged in numerous conversations on our quarterly call updates and these discussions were highly productive and  allowed us to exchange valuable insights and updates, fostering a stronger sense of collaboration and shared vision for the future. This week, we are excited to kickstart our ‘Getting to know ITUS Series’, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of our internal processes. Through this we aim to instil unwavering confidence in our investors and partners, reaffirming that their decision to invest in our firm was indeed the right one. Moreover, this series will further reinforce the confidence of all stakeholders in our ability to execute investments with precision and success.

Effective communication plays a pivotal role in any organization, as it shapes the mindset regarding our culture and processes. Today, we shine a spotlight on our Partner communications, assuring you that you can expect timely and transparent updates from us on a regular basis.

Outlined below are the various types of communications that you as our partner can expect-

  1. Upon joining our partnership, you will receive a warm welcome email from our fund manager, Mr. Naveen. This email will include the signed agreement and a personal note extending a heartfelt welcome to you.
  2. We onboard you with an On-boarding Call elucidating our process.
  3. Post the on-boarding we will be sharing a Partner Handbook that provides you in-depth overview of our fund philosophy and investment process.
  4. After client accounts are opened, you gain access to our online portal, allowing you to view client portfolios and download their reports.
  5. Weekly MIS– (On Friday’s)- You will be enrolled in our weekly communication (on Fridays), similar to the one you received now, providing comprehensive updates on the status of each account you referred to us. This MIS ensures you stay informed about the progress of your referred clients.
  6. Monthly Portfolio Metrics– On the 5th of the month, you can expect to receive the portfolio deck, general factsheet, and performance metrics with portfolio breakdown. Additionally, the email will include a brief note highlighting our performance and the current positioning of the portfolio.
  7. As our valued partner, you will be subscribed to our Monthly Newsletters, featuring insights into our portfolio, relevant content, and company write-ups specific to the portfolio. These newsletters are authored by our team. If you wish to explore some of our articles, please click here: https://ituscapital.com/articles/
  8. In our Monthly Stock Commentary, you will find concise notes on any stock that has either appreciated or declined by 15%, along with our rationale behind the company’s performance.

By setting clear and accurate expectations in our communications, we strive to provide exceptional service and build strong relationships with our valued clients. Next week, we will throw some lights on our Client reports and client communication process in detail. Don’t forget to listen to our quarterly call that was shared the last week.

If you have not been receiving our monthly communications, please reach out to us via email, and we will gladly add you to our mailing list. Till we see you next week, wishing a great weekend.


These weekly episodes are now available in our website for your quick read and you may access the same in the below link.

Weekly Enlightenment Archives – ITUS Capital

As part of our regular updates, we continue to highlight our SIP program, offering a convenient way for investors to contribute funds periodically to the portfolio. We encourage you to explore the benefits of this program for your clients. Do drop an email to [email protected] to know more about this.