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Building upon our last session’s emphasis on figures that depicted how industry leaders can change within a decade, we want to underscore the critical importance of our ITUS Quarterly Calls this week, marking the completion of another quarter.

Taking place every 1st or 2nd Saturday of each quarter, these sessions are invaluable for our stakeholders and the call is run by our fund manager Mr. Naveen Chandramohan. During the 45-minute call, we dive into the heart of our investment strategies, providing a detailed analysis of our portfolio performance, gain insights on into the current positioning of our portfolio, understand the strategic decisions made by us to navigate market conditions and capitalize on emerging opportunities. This insight is instrumental in keeping everyone aligned with our goals and informed about market dynamics. With this call, we also give you a clear understanding of our expectations from the portfolio in the upcoming quarters and also discuss the factors influencing our investment strategy and the anticipated outcomes.

Stakeholders can engage directly with us during the Q&A sessions by typing in their questions. We are committed to addressing each query, fostering transparency and ensuring that everyone’s questions are promptly replied to. We also understand the constraints of busy schedules. That’s why we share recordings of the call by the following week. Missing the live session doesn’t mean missing out on essential updates.

In essence, these quarterly calls are our commitment to open communication and transparency. They empower our stakeholders with knowledge, providing a deeper understanding of our investment approach, risk management strategies, and market outlook.

We welcome you to participate in our following Quarterly Call that is to be conducted on 14-10-2023. You may register to the call via the below link –



You can now find the weekly content on our website by visiting the following link: Weekly Enlightenment Archives – ITUS Capital

As part of our continued commitment to keeping you well-informed, we are fully dedicated to our SIP program. This program offers investors a convenient way to consistently improve their portfolios. We encourage you to discover the advantages of this program for your clients. If you need more information, feel free to contact your dedicated relationship manager at [email protected].