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Last week, we shared our recent decision from the Fund Manager’s desk regarding additional capital allocation for our investors and our strategy for allocation amidst volatile market expectations. This week, we’re presenting an interesting data point that provides insights into the volatility measures of the ITUS fund compared to other indices

At ITUS, we have consistently positioned our fund as a vehicle for downside protection rather than striving to be the top-performing fund every year. Our primary goal is to deliver consistent performance over 5-7 year cycles. Every decision regarding portfolio entry and exit revolves around this core principle. As reflected in the table below (Fig 1), you’ll notice that the ITUS fund exhibits the lowest volatility compared to other indices. Our investment approach focuses on pursuing growth with a reasonable margin of safety, and our portfolio construction prioritizes consistency of returns with a keen eye on downside protection. Additionally, the table provides insight into the fund’s performance during downturns compared to the benchmark, further emphasizing our commitment to mitigating risk for our investors.

ITUS has always had clear investment philosophy centered around consistency and downside protection and the idea of our long term performance over 5-7 years is to provide stable returns to investors. In a volatile market environment where investors are seeking stability and predictability, volatility measure showcases the funds stability compared to other indices and ITUS stands to be the best among them.

Itus fund Volatility and performance on downside market-

Itus fund Volatility and performance on downside market-1


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