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In continuation of our previous discussion addressing the expectations for India amid global uncertainties, we have observed a noteworthy newspaper clipping, one of the largest newspapers advertisement about Tally. This occurrence holds significant implications.

Historically, we have seen that newspapers projects advertisements of consumer products like electronics, household goods, Fashion, real estates, automobiles etc and these advertisements are a reflection of the prevailing consumer demand and a robust consumer-driven economy. B2B businesses cater to specific needs of professional audience or niche segments and their marketing strategies revolve around more targeted channels, like direct clients or industry specific publications etc. Rarely do we see B2b businesses advertising on newspapers. This indicates that the businesses recognize the significance of capturing the attention of individual clients and responding to their needs and preferences. Moreover, this trend aligns with the more broader context of the country’s formalisation process, which involves adopting legal and regulatory frameworks, promoting transparency, streamlining processes and professionalising various sectors. This highlights the evolving Indian Market and shift towards a more organized and formalised business environment.

India is currently experiencing an influx of capital (FDI and FPI) positioning it as an emerging strong market. This is on the back of increased confidence, formalization and growth of the country as an allocation across global portfolios.

India’s formalization- What it means_img1

We consistently uphold our commitments, and as promised, we would like to discuss the second stage of our business evaluation process with ITUS, which revolves around Exposure. During this phase, we actively manage portfolio risk by determining the appropriate position size for each business based on our anticipated short-term downside and execution on the ground. This sizing may range from 2.5-3.5% (Starting Position), 4.5-6% (Base Position) and 8-10% (Fully Scaled Position). Elaborating further would result in a substantial amount of information, which may become overwhelming for readers. Therefore, we have decided to continue exploring this topic in our upcoming episodes.


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