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In our endeavour to present Getting to know ITUS Series, the following weeks we will be talking more on Knowing the team ITUS. ITUS consists of a team of 17 members based in Chennai and Vidya based out of Bangalore.

Today we are writing to you about the significance of technology investment and what it holds for our client and partner relations. In 2022 , we took a decision to allocate additional capital in technology. Our first hire was Suruchi, who came from a machine learning and voice recognition background. We built up the team by adding an additional member – Elian who comes from a data science background.  Today, they are responsible for building models that feed into the research team helping us with data driven ideas.

Separately, leveraging technology to enhance Client Communications involves comprehending the clients’ backgrounds and their evolving portfolio expectations. This encompasses maintaining a record of interactions as a future reference, staying attuned to their ongoing needs, and sending reminders to the team for portfolio reviews. In tandem with the capital call progression, we employ reminders to connect with investors, clarifying our outlook. In light of the commitments within investors’ and partner’s busy schedules, we provide timely reminder calls concerning the option of capital contributions and portfolio updates. Our in-house systems play a pivotal role in meticulously tracking and overseeing client communications, contributing to a resilient client service framework.

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During the upcoming week, we are scheduled to engage in a comprehensive discussion regarding our research team, focusing on how technological advancements have intricately contributed to augmenting the benefits within our research domains. If you have not been receiving our monthly communications, please reach out to us via email, and we will gladly add you to our mailing list. Till we see you next week, wishing a great weekend.


These weekly episodes are now available in our website for your quick read and you may access the same in the below link.

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In our continuous stream of updates, we maintain a focus on our SIP program, offering investors a convenient pathway to make regular contributions to their portfolios. We encourage you to explore the advantages of this program for your clients. For further information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].