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In the realm of PMS, investor reports play a central and indispensable role. Serving as a narrative vessel, these reports encapsulate the financial voyage of each investor, forging a vital connection between the them and their assets and stand as a cornerstone for well-informed choices. As our voyage through the Getting to Know ITUS Series continues, today’s focus is on the intricacies of our reporting formats. We work with India’s two largest custodians – HDFC Bank and Kotak Bank, which ensures the adherence to standardized reporting formats. We also have an external diligent compliance team who oversees the audit of our financial records, with the resulting refined reports shared with our investors.

Below are the regular reporting formats that the clients can expect from us time to time –

Itus Reporting Process

Through meticulously curated reporting formats we offer clients a detailed and timely updates on their portfolios. Not just informative, these reports foster transparency and trust, enabling investors to make informed decisions. In the dynamic world of finance, the power of a well-crafted client report cannot be overstated and we at ITUS are committed to provide them promptly, guiding them towards their financial aspirations.

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In our continuous stream of updates, we maintain a focus on our SIP program, offering investors a convenient pathway to make regular contributions to their portfolios. We encourage you to explore the advantages of this program for your clients. For further information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].