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In March 2022, Itus allocated substantial resources to technology investments. In our recent discussions, we delved into how these technological advancements have positively impacted and elevated our client service operations. This week, we will shift our focus to exploring how technology has significantly contributed to our Research, Risk management, and Reporting functions. We firmly believe that these investments have resulted in a substantial improvement in the overall efficiency and scalability of our firm’s processes.

Technology into our Research Risk and Reporting_1 Research – Itus is committed to providing data-driven insights to our analyst team. We do this by providing them with a range of dashboards that visualize data in a way that is easy to understand and actionable. We have also established a dedicated team of machine learning engineers who are developing advanced models that will provide our research team with an even deeper level of insight. We have also invested in a product that extracts and processes data from a diverse portfolio of over 1,800 databases and websites. This tool provides us with real-time information on a wide range of topics, including automotive, chemicals, e-commerce, purchasing trends, and consumer behaviour. This data helps us identify both quantitative and qualitative patterns that are valuable for decision-making.

Technology into our Research Risk and Reporting_2 Risk – One consequence of not operating model portfolios is that we had to construct our risk and trading systems from the ground up. Our substantial investments in this domain have resulted in our ability to effortlessly expand non-model portfolios. This includes daily risk monitoring, evaluating deviations from the ideal exposure, and efficiently generating trade files for all our clients, all made possible through our in-house systems.

Technology into our Research Risk and Reporting_3 Reporting – While the industry norm for reporting is typically Wealth Spectrum, we found this system lacking in terms of user-friendliness and adaptability to our specific requirements. Consequently, we took it upon ourselves to develop our customized in-house reporting system. This approach guarantees us the flexibility to tailor reports to our precise needs within the organization while also providing our clients with real-time access to their information.

Our investments in technology will continue to increase over time. The above gives an overview of how these investments have scaled our processes and built the building blocks for us to scale the organization over time. Following weeks, we will keep talking more about our teams. Till then we wish you a great weekend.


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