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In the process of “Getting to Know ITUS Series”  we have been writing about our reporting process, our team and also what technology means to us, in the previous weeks. This week we are talking more on Discovering Bangalore and our colleagues movement to Bangalore and what it means to ITUS –

Itus has two offices – across Chennai and Houston, where the two co-founders are based out of. We did not have any plans to expand beyond this. However, in your journey, serendipity takes you places and one should not resist.

This is what happened to us when Vidya, one of our colleagues had to move to Bangalore for personal reasons. We looked at this as an opportunity for her to look at building an eventual Bangalore office for us. We had very strong partners in Bangalore already and we used this as an opportunity to build around them. Proximity to our partners allowed us to receive valuable on-the-ground feedback, which we have actively used to enhance and refine our processes, ultimately making them among the best in the industry today. Vidya will continue to lead our efforts to establish and grow our presence in Bangalore.

For Itus, being close to our partners and clients has been important and we aim to grow our business in the south through this. We will continue to take measured steps as we grow our team and coverage from here. We firmly believe that our single-strategy fund offers a distinct value proposition in an industry crowded with various products and ideas. Our commitment is to stay true to our vision and contribute to the transformation of long-term equity management.

Discovering Bangalore

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting chapter of our journey and we thank you for your continued support.


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