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  1. 01:00 Minutes- Notable events in the year 2023- SVB – A regional bank collapsed, VC Funding Slowed down , 80% of fund raises in the private markets were down rounds, Inflation hit a 10 year high
  2. 03:20 Minutes- The global markets across ended in green- A snap shot of the same has been given- India was not the best performing markets in 2023. But we have consistently over the last 3 years shown strong growth with much lesser volatility, that is attracting foreign capital as emerging market.
  3. 04:30 Minutes- We have broken down the returns profile of India growth- where earnings growth in line with the 3 year return
  4. 05:57 Minutes- WE have broken down US returns profile also- US balance sheet is de-levered and liquidity into US money market
  5. 08:08 Minutes- We have explained china market returns- Cumulative earnings happened with a PE re-rating.
  6. 09:37 minutes- Our portfolio performance snapshot given comparing it across benchmarks- We maintain the stance that Nifty 50 will always be a best performing index and lowest volatile index
  7. 11:15 Minutes- What is downside protection- how we have performed in up-markets and down-markets quarterly since inception.
  8. 11:57 Minutes- We have reviewed our earnings growth of our portfolio- Consistent ROCE has been the nature of our portfolio construction and Cash flow generation and ROIC at ITUS has consistently been higher than that of Nifty.
  9. 15:57 Minutes- Our Sector Exposure- Auto & Auto Components, Health Care, Capital Goods, Power, Finance (Insurance), Building Materials are overweight and Banks and IT-underweight in the portfolio.
  10. 19:19 Minutes- We saw transition of market caps in the portfolio- significant reduction in small caps and built higher than normal cash balance.
  11. 23:55 Minutes- Explained position sizing of our portfolio- Growth along with valuation comfort aligns, we will look at 15-20 companies, otherwise the portfolio will be a mix of 25-30 companies.
  12. 25:55 Minutes- Key changes in the portfolio has been highlighted- Auto- rather than OEM’s we chose Auto ancillaries.
  13. 27:18 Minutes- Portfolio construction today- Pvt Sector sanctions by banks increase, Real estates inventory is at the lowest in decade, Narrowing supply demand gap in Cement and steel – De-levered balance sheets and capex internally
  14. 31:20 Minutes- Expectations of 2024- US continues to underperform, EM outperform, India will see a flat or negative year, Fed expected to cut rates, Commodities expected to do well

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