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Owner's Manual

We are a fiduciary of your capital. Your understanding of what we do and how we will approach it is a critical element in enabling us to attain our goal. The Owners Manual helps achieve this....

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Our philosophy, as growth investors, centres around investing in businesses that have the potential to generate and grow their cash flows over time. We prioritize companies that are led by management teams that are committed to reinvesting returns for long-term growth, while we also focus on the valuation of businesses before investing.

One of a key parameter for a business to be in our portfolio is ROCE (Return On Capital Employed). A high ROCE indicates that a company is generating significant profits relative to the capital it has employed. This can be a positive sign for investors because it suggests that the company is utilizing its resources effectively and efficiently to generate returns.

A rising ROCE% at the portfolio level is indicative of the efficiency of the constituent companies’ business operations. Consequently, reinvestment of these returns within the businesses is expected to generate compounding cash flow growth. The short term drawdown like now, indicates opportunity to invest in exceptional businesses at reasonable valuations. This is anticipated to result in the fund’s future outperformance over long term.

The chart below demonstrates the remarkable consistency of ROCE% for the ITUS Portfolio over the past two years on yearly and half-yearly basis. As part of our investment strategy, we prioritize investing in companies that demonstrate ROCE% above 20%, indicating a strong ability to generate profits from the capital employed in their businesses.

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As a part of our ongoing commitment to keeping you informed, we remain dedicated to our SIP program, providing investors with a convenient avenue to regularly enhance their portfolios. We encourage you to explore the benefits of this program for your clients. If you require more details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated relationship manager at [email protected].