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It’s important to understand the transition we are going through in the world today. While the internet and mobile technology were two of the biggest transitions we went through in the last 25 years, it seems like the adoption of AI is the next big thing around which a whole ecosystem of startups would be built.

Using AI the right way is extremely important to ensure the quality of our output across different fields is improved. In a recent article we read, David Sachs, a lawyer turned VC investor, wrote about how the next set of AI-based startups would be launched across various domains. One common theme for the scale-up of these startups would be the data set required to train the model, which would be a significant differentiation going forward. The article, which discusses the historical facets of data collection, can be found here: https://sacks.substack.com/p/the-give-to-get-model-for-ai-startups.

While the article itself is interesting to understand the history of data collection, what is particularly intriguing is how Sachs used ChatGPT to create his blog. The entire transcription of his conversation can be found here:


It’s important to realize that the value of humans would clearly evolve into communication, asking the right questions, and receiving responses from AI interfaces based on the quality of inputs. This evolution provides an interesting reference to where we need to develop as humans in the new world.