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Owner's Manual

We are a fiduciary of your capital. Your understanding of what we do and how we will approach it is a critical element in enabling us to attain our goal. The Owners Manual helps achieve this....

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Portfolio Review – 4Q FY24
Portfolio Review – 4Q FY24
Pricing Power Lends into Concentration – Series 2
Portfolio Review – 3Q FY24
Concentration and Long Term – Shift to the outcome and away from the process
Investing Basis Market Caps - Understanding the data
Portfolio Review – 2Q FY24
FIIs and Flow of Capital – How important will this continue to be
Concentration and Public Markets Money Management - Series 1
Portfolio Review – 1Q FY24
The Nature of the Market - Studying the Breadth
Investors and the public markets – A love hate affair
Portfolio Review – 4Q FY23
Looking at India's capital market growth in the last decade
Portfolio Review – 3Q FY23
Active and Passives - Are we all moving to a passive world in India
Portfolio Review - 2Q FY23
The importance of a narrative – Understanding the other side
Portfolio Review - 1Q FY23
Allocations and Flows - Is it important to base your investing decisions on the same?
Portfolio Review - 4Q FY22
Portfolio Review - 3Q FY22
Fascination for Prediction – The Expert’s voice
Portfolio Review - 2Q FY22
Investing from the lens of an Owner
Understanding probabilities and edges: The game of margins and investing
Portfolio Review - 1Q FY22
Portfolio Review - 4Q FY21
Investing and Bets : Better Decision Making
Market Microstructure in India – A stock picker’s market
Investing History - What a Bubble looks like
Building an Asset Management Business : Doing things that do not scale
The power of simplicity in investing : Proxy passive approach
Leadership and Indian History
The comfort of ownership : Alignment and Incentives
Leadership from ‘The Last Dance’ – the Coach who held the team
The Next Big Idea
Fund Ratings — do the numbers have any meaning?
When’s a good time to buy? Have we hit the lows?
Corporate Bond Market: Enhancing Liquidity in India and the Opportunity
Artists, Entrepreneurs and Investors - whats to learn
Moats and the Eternal Search to Build One - PART II…Investing
Moats and the Eternal Search to Build One - PART I